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Thank you for all of your questions and comments here and on Facebook. My life is a bit hectic at the moment as school is ending and we are planning to travel to Europe soon but I do read and appreciate all of your feedback. Here are a few responses to some of your inquiries:

Erika Valderrama asked – Any thoughts of becoming a commentator?

While I was still playing, I got the chance to comment on a couple of matches but I found that being a commentator requires two things that are difficult for me: a major time commitment and an ease in front of cameras and microphones.

Classic Tennis asked – What in your impression has changed most in the way the game is played now versus your era?

Fitness plays a much bigger role in today’s game. Player’s are much more knowledgable about fitness and health than they were in my time and it really shows in their athleticism.

Candy asked – What is your favourite match at roland garros that you have watched or played during your time on the WTA tour?

There are a lot of memorable matches even back to my days as a Junior walking around the facilities watching play on the outside court. Hans Schwaier’s 5 and half hour match against Rod Frawley in 1984 was thrilling.

As far as my own matches, the final against Navratilova in 1987 and the final against Hingis in 1999 probably stand out the most. ’99 was particularly memorable, in part because it was so unexpected – the tournament had been quite mentally and physically grueling up to that point and I really didn’t expect to find myself in that position – but also because of the controversy that occurred during the match with Hingis crossing over the net.

The other great thing about ’99 is that the crowd that day, which had always been terrific, was phenomenally supportive. It was a really wonderful feeling. I will never forget the “OLA” wave.

Finally, I was asked – Re this year, what do you think about the resurgence in German Women’s Tennis with Goerges, Petkovic, Bartel, Lisicki and more all starting to do so well?

It has been a lot of fun to watch this great group of girls, especially because of their determination and confidence on and off the court. Their enjoyment is very apparent and its just great for German tennis.

With regard to this year’s French Open, its good to see that they have all advanced to the second round. Lisicki, in particular, has come back from injury to get through qualifying and win in the first round. Hope they all continue their success.