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Q: Do you think that your daughter will become a successful tennis player like yourself one day?

A: Pretty sure not, because she has many interests. She plays tennis once a week, but her big passion is horseback riding. As parents we have our concerns as this sport is not entirely hazard-free. However our main hope for our children is that they enjoy themselves as well as take the opportunity to learn and grow as people – whether its tennis, horseback riding or baseball in our son’s case. If they happen to find a sport that becomes an important part of their lives for a long time, all the better.

Q: Have you ever considered becoming a tennis coach?

A: No, I have never wished to become a tennis coach. My priorities are my family, the foundation and my business projects, which are more than enough to occupy me. However, when players come to the Adidas camp in Las Vegas during the year, I do enjoy watching them, joining in and giving some advice.

Q: Which surface caused most difficulties for your back? Was it clay because of the sliding and its burden on the lower back?

A: As a matter of fact the sliding on sand does put a lot of pressure on one’s back, but for me it was the constant turn from fore- to backhand and vice versa that exerted strongest strain on my torso. So really it was not matter so much which surface I played on. It was more about the rotation during the strokes.

Q: Have you ever had a career aspiration, which did not involve tennis?

A: A few when I was younger: at different times I wanted to become a vet, a documentary filmmaker or photographer. During my trip to Eritrea I was able to gain some valuable insight into photography, when I made a photo documentary for National Geographic about the lives of the children and their families in the slums of Asmara. Photography – standing behind as opposed to the front of the lens – has always been a passion of mine.

Q: Which public figure would you like to meet personally?

A: There are a number of interesting personalities in politics, who I would like to meet. For example my husband had a memorable encounter with Nelson Mandela in Cape Town, which will always stay in his memory and inspires him in his daily work for his foundation. I follow German politics as much as I can and I find Angela Merkel a very interesting leadership personality. Not long ago she was awarded the medal of freedom in Washington and I would have loved to attend the ceremony but unfortunately I was tied up with other appointments. Considering the current unstable situation in European and American credit markets I would find it fascinating to discuss topics like overall monetary stability and politics with Merkel or Obama.

Q: As a mother, wife, professional athlete and successful business woman you have had many experiences. What have you learned from life and what would you have liked to change?

A: My life has been shaped by a rich array of moments including my childhood in Germany, the love of my family, my friendships, my career on the court etc. These and many other experiences made me the person I am today and I don’t think I would change anything. I look forward to learning every day and walking through life with open eyes. I could not possibly be happier than watching our children grow up with my husband.

Q: Are you going to the US. Open?

I will be in the area (Connecticut) a few weeks prior for an appearance at the New Haven Open Tournament, with my partner Teekanne.

I am also scheduled to be in New York while the US Open is happening to participate in Women Who Make a Difference, an event that my partner Longines sponsors each year to recognize several women who make a positive impact on a children’s lives in their communities. The women who’ve been honored the past 2 years were all very driven and inspiring people and I am very excited to meet this year’s honorees.

Of course, I also hope to watch as much of the tournament as I can while I am in the city.

  • Britt (Joon) 11:35 AM Reply

    I really just wanted to say (like most people have probably said in the past ,and will say in the future) You truly are (in my eyes) the greatest women s tennis player i have ever seen, and i am so lucky to have been alive in this time to have seen you play. I think you and your hubby have always been polite and professional on and off the courts. You have gone on to do so much more for others, you truly both are the best and i thank you for being you.

  • David Chapman 11:49 AM Reply

    Was there ever a player, that you felt that if they played at their absolute best and you played at your best, they would/could beat you?

  • Neena 12:06 PM Reply

    Great hearing your views Steffi. Thanks for sharing. Loved your answers, younger generation need to hear from people like you more often.

  • An Sinha 12:12 PM Reply

    Hi Stephanie :

    Have you considered writing an autobiography of your own, like Andre did? I read his book – it was a very interesting read. Really loved it.


  • CHEREL 12:23 PM Reply

    well said, Neena and Britt. And don’t worry too much for your daughter, Steffi : serious accidents in horseriding happen very seldom. As a matter of fact, it’s far much safer than car driving !

    Anyway, no sport is totally hazard-free. However, not practicing any sport can be mostly hazardous for the health or, more generally, the inner balance.

  • Erza 1:10 PM Reply

    Thank you Steffi for sharing some of your thoughts and aspiration to us. You really are my forever numero uno idol. You were a big part of my childhood and adolescent years. I’m living now in Sydney but I came from a small town in the Philippines and tennis is known but not as popular as basketball. But my whole class in elementary and highschool got to know you because I kept using your name as my subject for every recitation I did in front of the class:)
    Love, Erza

  • Candy Sidhu 1:24 PM Reply

    Hello Stefanie 🙂
    It is very awe inspiring reading your answers and i hope that your children will have a great time and be safe from any injuries when they take part in their chosen activity.
    You are and still will always be a truly wonderful role model for everyone wanting to be successful in whatever they want to achieve in their life.

    Many thanks for all of the positives that i have learned from you during the years while i was growing up.

    Wishing you and your beautiful family a fantastic summer.
    Keep Smiling 🙂

    • Neena 6:12 PM Reply

      Not sure how to thank you for your posts on Steffi’s official facebook page, you are doing a wonderful job and no matter what any one says, please keep doing it as there a lot of people like me who are gratefu to see all those pictures and old videos of Steffi. I try to keep up with what’s going on in Steffi’s world but can’t keep up with what you do. Amazed at how you gather all that information and have the patience to upload so the rest of us can see. Thank you is a small word to use but will forever be indebted to you and happy to help you out if you need any.

    • SGTribute 1:43 AM Reply

      Yes,as Neena said there’s no word to describe how much you make us happy by your youtube channel and pics.
      God Bless,

  • tam nguyen 3:35 AM Reply

    Dear Stefanie,

    Hearing that you cannot be happier is the most wonderful thing.
    It is greatly interesting to read your answers to the questions, thank you for allowing us to get to know you more.
    Could you tell us some stories that moved you during your trips in Africa?

    Wishing you the very best :).

  • Nathan Cook 8:17 AM Reply

    Dear Stefanie,

    I want to say how much I admire your well rounded, balanced approach to life and the way you live by your core values.

    Best wishes


  • Yanisa 2:32 PM Reply

    Hello Steffi,
    I’ve been your tennis fan since I was 12 years. I’ve been impressed with your play whatever the results were.Thank you for your reply to the fans.Well, I’ve noticed that your daughter wears glasses since she was not 6 years old. Is she near-sighted or has she got other eyesight problems?
    As far as I have the knowledge of the eyesight nature, in the field of optometry (the eyesight treatment without prescription and the working at the back of the brain has the most important role on the whole system of the body and it is believed that the eyesight problems cause other illnesses.) those who do have the eyesight problem should not wear glasses until they are 6 years old as the correlation of the brain and the eyesight is not consistent yet. Sorry if this question bothers you or I misuderstand your daughter’s case.
    Best wishes for you and your family,

  • Nathan Cook 9:02 AM Reply

    Dear Stefanie,

    God bless yourself & your family.

    Best wishes


  • Nina 10:06 AM Reply

    Hello Steffi,

    Great that your daughter has found an interest in horses – even though there is a risk to be considered, the gains are considerably more, once you have learned how to handle horses. For young girls in particular there is so much to receive from horses, you not only learn how to care for and move your focus to someone else, you also learn to comunicate and collaborate, overcome your fears, believe in yourself, take action in critical situations and be brave – things that will come in handy for the rest of your life. Add the joy the horses bring and the social sense of community with other horse people, as well as always having a place to go where there is someone who really likes you for who you are, not what you are, and you have an amazing sparetime activity. It is also something the whole family can enjoy together, outdoors. So, congratulations and enjoy! 🙂

  • Hi Steffi,
    ich denke hier kommt eine eher seltenere Frage an Dich.
    Meine Frau und ich werden Anfang September in Las Vegas sein und wir werden dort unseren 14. Hochzeitstag feiern. Da wir auch in Las Vegas geheiratet haben, freuen wir uns sehr auf diesen Tag.
    Wie man das an einem solchen Tag/Abend gerne macht, möchten auch wir einen schönen Abend mit leckerem Essen und einem Glas Wein verbringen.
    Meine Frage: gibt es ein Restaurant das Du uns empfehlen könntest und das nicht unbedingt in einem der großen Hotels ist… es kann auch ruhig ausserhalb von LV liegen.
    Ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn Du mir/uns einen Tipp geben könntest.
    Viele Dank und viele Grüße

  • Hi Steffi, my name is Carlos Salcedo, i m from Venezuela and i have a tv program about sports and tour. If you can please i wanna make a interview and talking about you sports carrer and more.

    Thank u for all

    Carlos Salcedo

  • Thanks for your respond to questions. It’s so nice to know your point of views about everything.

  • kenamu2000 12:19 AM Reply

    Hi Steffi,

    Im not sure if you will even get these messages etc but in case you do i just wanted to say that Im a huge fan and your career and life are an inspiration to so many.
    Im actualy writing message for my friend really who is such a fan of you and Andre – he lives and breaths tennis – he has had a tough life with a lot of stuff happen to him that I wont go into – buts its prob a lot more than anyone should have to endure – His 30th birthday is coming up in december and I was wondering if perhaps it might be possibel to buy a signed tennis racket for him as a gift as i know this would be a huge huge thing for him and he has been such a good friend over the years id love to get him something that i know he would treasure – I feel a little silly writing this but hey as the saying goes – if you dont try you wont know – if there are any genuine places stocking a racket signed by you and andre id love to find out where it is as this would make Seans birthday really special – thank you for your time!
    wishing you the very best from Ireland and thank you for taking the time to read this!

    Kind regards


  • robert BROWN 12:13 AM Reply


  • Michael 7:32 PM Reply

    Hallo, Fr. S. Graf, auch ich habe Ihre beeindruckende Karriere noch in Erinnerung. Sie haben es geschafft und die richtigen Entscheidung gefellt. Damals…als Mitarbeiter der OPEL-Bank…Filiale Stuttgart…kann ich mich noch sehr gut…an das Sondermodell…”Steffi”…erinnern…1989…oder so…das war schon eine tolle Sache mit dem Corsa…alles Gute auch weiterhin aus Karlsruhe

  • geoblack 2:24 PM Reply

    Lately I have been working on a better slice backhand. I pulled up some you tube views of how you did it and it took me back. Wow, I had forgotten what a pleasure it is to watch you play. Not just to watch how well you hit the ball but even more impressive is how you conduct yourself on the court. You are amazing in that you knew when to retire and did it with dignity. Many will forget how great you were because of the low profile you choose to embrace. I truly doubt there will ever be another female who can look all girl and at the same time dominate the sport the way you did.
    Thanks for the memories.tryini

  • Vilas 2:11 PM Reply

    Steffi thank you for the joy you have given us. I have lived my life already. You are the greatest ever in both categories ( male or female ) of all times. May you live 1000 years.

  • Hi Steffi,

    Many happy returns of the day.
    I am an ardent fan of yours from India and have followed all your matches and prayed for your success through thick and thin.
    May you continue to bring joy in our lives in the years to come with your sheer presence as a humble and noble human being.
    Wishing you all the success in both your professional and personal endevours.
    Hows Andre, Jaden & Jaz ? Have Jaden, Jaz taken to Tennis ? With both you & Andre as parents, they would be redoubtable world champions for sure!!!
    Would like to have your thoughts on the same.
    Personal regards,
    Gautam Bhaduri

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