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In interviews Stefanie Graf is often asked how, as a mother and business woman, manages to prepare a family meal after a long day, that at the same time should be healthy and is to the children’s liking. (that they like the food)

In our everyday life besides our children and work, the passion for cooking plays an important role too. Cooking becomes to be a real family event every once in a while where everybody enjoys it a lot. The kitchen is the center of our home and everybody, even the kids, help preparing the meals. For snacks in-between I always try to have enough fruit and nuts in the house. Of course it is okay to enjoy some icecream once in a while, because as long as it is in moderation, even a sweet tooth is allowed.

Often times I don’t have much time and the cooking can’t take up too much time, but I still want the food to be healthy. In addition to many tasty pasta-meals the wok is a great choice – because I love cooking with a lot of vegetables.


When cooking with a wok the ingredients are cooked gently. Especially chopped vegetables, chicken and beef work well with the wok. By the way: The vegetables do not have to be bought freshly all the time – often times frozen vegetables are just as good and sometimes even richer in vitamins, as they are being frozen at their freshest condition.