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We’ve just recently returned to the heat of Las Vegas from an extended visit to Europe where we had surprisingly cool weather in both London and Germany.

A highlight of the trip came at the beginning, when Andre and I visited Wimbledon again – this time as spectators. It was a special experience to walk the familiar halls, meet new players and see peers from our era. From London we went on a boat holiday with friends to Italy and Sardinia. We visited some beautiful places including Elba, Corsica and drove to some small towns along the Italian coast. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery, picturesque bays and being together unfortunately we had to dodge photographers in some of the areas.

After Italy, we had a wonderful time in my hometown in Germany. With our circle of family and friends we enjoyed relaxing days with long walks in the forest, visiting little towns, great German cuisine and the kids loved playing in the parks. We didn’t even mind the occasional rain on our outings.

While in Germany, I drove to Dusseldorf to one of my longtime partners Teekanne, to meet with the press and the 10 winners of a contest for new tea recipes. We had a very relaxing and fun day at the Teekanne production room and after lunch we sampled the winning tea flavors.

Later I visited the Starlight Express musical and after the show I was welcomed on stage to announce a fundraiser which benefits my foundation. The musical has been involved in helping child welfare projects for decades and this year they chose Children for Tomorrow as the recipient. In addition to the personal commitment from the actors, the cast will collect donations from the audience for the next 6 months with the offerings going to benefit our mission. I would like to again thank everybody at Starlight Express for all their efforts and thinking of our children.

The next European trip is just around the corner, as I will attend the Olympic Games in London in a few weeks. I want to wish everyone an enjoyable summer holiday whether at home or traveling.

  • Auch von mir mal wieder ein liebes Hallo! da hattet Ihr ja wirklich schöne Urlaubstage in England, Italien und Deutschland. Ich hoffe, dass der Sommer für Dich so schön weiter geht und es nicht mehr so heiß in Las Vegas ist. Seit gestern sind hier auch an die 30 Grad, und man muss sich erst einmal wieder daran gewöhnen. In 10 Tagen habe auch ich 4 Wochen Urlaub 🙂
    Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie ganz viel Spaß für den Restsommer und viel Freude bei den Olympischen Spielen. Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland und alles Liebe von Christiane

    • Alessa 3:50 AM Reply

      We cried when he came up short last year, yes. But that was nothing compraed to the blubbering mess that THIS Rafa fan became when he won today. The match was a total emotional rollercoaster, and by the end the tension left me shaking, with sweaty palms and a pounding headache, then I promptly burst into tears.It was FABULOUS. 🙂

  • hello steffi…… wow nice vacation thank you very much for sharing….hope to hear from you again soon……..more power and gobless u and your family…..from your # one fan in the philippines

  • Lan Anh 3:19 AM Reply

    I am really a biggest fan of your. My dream is can meet you at least 1 time. In my mind, i see you were a greatest tennis in history, and especially in 1988. I want to see your children will play tennis the best like you and your husband. ahh, i am come from Viet Nam. You know it??? This is a beautiful country, and friendly people….. I love you and i really want to receive your message. I think if you can, that will be a happiest moment in my life. Love you a lots!

  • Hallo,liebe Steffi, nachdem meine letzte Mail eventuell “verschütt gegangen ist”,
    versuche ich jetzt hier nocheinmal Kontakt aufzunehmen.Wir (mein Mann u. ich) hatten dieses Jahr das Glück Sie persönlich kennenzulernen,denn ich war eine der 10 glücklichen Gewinnerinnen von dem oben besagten Teekanne-Wettbewerb.
    Vielen lieben Dank für die,wenn auch kurze gemeinsame Zeit.Ich war im übrigen die mit dem Gipsarm und den 6 Kids im Alter von 6-16 Jahren. Leider wurden wir ja in unserer Unterhaltung unterbrochen als ich dies erwähnt habe.Nun ja Schwamm drüber.Jedenfalls ist es nicht alltäglich einen Weltstar so hautnah zu erleben und dazu noch einen so netten und sympatischen.Wir wünschen Ihnen und Ihrer Familie jedenfalls alles Liebe und erdenklich Gute für die nächsten Jahre.Liebe Grüße aus der Eifel von der Großfamilie Jörn und Gerry Seibel

  • Karen Breen 6:51 AM Reply

    Steffi you have been a true inspiration to me all my life. I loved to watch you play as I grew up, I was a shy teenager, seeing how you were also shy but had enormous strength and motivation gave me more confidence in myself. It was a shame I wasnt born earlier as I only had the joy of watching you live on tv for five years 🙂

    Now I am in my thirties I play field hockey and when the body is sore and aching I think to myself “what would Steffi do” and I get the same answer in my head ” she certainly wouldnt give up , now keep going , keep running” I find myself digging deep and sprinting for the ball.

    I have admired Andres game for many years also and I am so happy for you both, you make a wonderful couple and your children are delightful.

    Just a little note to say how much I have apreciated your insiration and to say thank you.

    I think it great all the work you do for charity, I am a manager of a small charity called action kids foundation we sponsor 24 children’s education in Pentam in Gambia and it is very rewarding knowing that you impact others less fortunate.

    All the best Steffi i hope youve had a lovely summer. 🙂

    Love Karen x

    Ps I would be thrilled with a small hello from you however I appreciate you are a very very busy lady. 🙂

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