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Here is the press release and some video from the end of last week about my exciting new partnership with Nintendo. I will release a few more items in the coming days:

“We do a lot together as a family. We especially like fun games for the whole family that encourage movement”, explains Stefanie Graf. “We liked Wii right away. We tried it out at home and realised that Wii isn’t just fun for the kids, but for the whole family”. A television ad set to appear in early November will show just how much fun Germany’s most successful tennis player has with the Nintendo television game console. In the ad, Stefanie Graf is shown moving along with Wii Fit Plus and along with kids, enjoying ecstatic gameplay with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. The ads are part of a large-scale TV, print and online campaign for three of the most popular, motion-based Nintendo game titles.

Stefanie Graf is clearly taken by the active Wii games, especially considering that they spark a passion for sports and an active lifestyle. The games are also perfect for families. “I had already heard a lot about Wii Fit Plus”, she explains, adding “I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that I benefit from it, too.”

Thanks to her own experience with Wii, Stefanie Graf is a particularly credible advocate not only for sports games, but also for family gameplay. “When we met for the first time, I was impressed by her lively and enthusiastic account of her experience with the Wii console,” reflects Dr Bernd Fakesch, General Manager Nintendo Germany. “That’s when I realised that she was just the right person for our campaign”.

Stefanie Graf on WhoSay

  • Neena 8:38 PM Reply

    Congratulations on the new business partnership. Hope there is an audio google translator to use.

  • Hi Steffi, I’m delighted to see your partnership with Nintendo Wii. As a massive fan one thing I have looked out for over the years is a ‘Steffi Graf’ character in a tennis console game. Is this something that you intend to do at some point in the future? It would definitely make me buy the game! Andre has is own Sega game 🙂
    With much respect, Jonathan.

  • Neena 2:27 PM Reply

    Hi Steffi, you look great in the Halloween costume and so did Andre, tough to pick between you both. Wondering who won the best costume award. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

  • […] Well then … game on, Graf. See more on Steffi’s latest endorsement with Nintendo here, including a fun bit from a German TV show on Graf plus Wii. And let’s note right here that […]

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