Name: Stefanie Maria Graf
Geburtsdatum: 14.6.1969
Geburtsort: Mannheim, Germany
Grösse: 1,76m
Gewicht: 64kg
Wohnhaft in : Las Vegas, NV
Ehemann: Andre Agassi, vh seit 22.10.2001
Kinder: Jaden Gil, geb. am 26.10.2001
Jaz Elle, geb. am 3.10.2003
Eltern: Heidi und Peter Graf
Geschwister: Michael
Hobbies: Design, Kunst, Photographie, Musik
Seit 1984: Botschafterin für den “World Wide Fund (WWF)”
Seit 1998: Gründerin der Stiftung “Children for Tomorrow”
Year Location Opponent Result
1987 Paris M. Navratilova 6:4,4:6,8:6
1988 Melbourne C. Evert 6:1,7:6
1988 Paris N. Zwereva 6:0,6:0
1988 Wimbledon M. Navratilova 5:7.3:6,6:1
1988 US Open G. Sabatini 6:3,3:6,6:1
1989 Melbourne H. Sukova 6:4,6:4
1989 Wimbledon M. Navratilova 6:2,6:7,6:1
1989 US Open M. Navratilova 3:6,7:5,6:1
1990 Melbourne M.J. Fernandez 6:3,6:4
1991 Wimbledon G.Sabatini 6:4,3:6,8:6
1992 Wimbledon M. Seles 6:2,6:1
1993 Paris M.J. Fernandez 4:6,6:2,6:4
1993 Wimbledon J. Novotna 7:6,1:6,6:4
1993 US Open H. Sukova 6:3,6:3
1994 Melbourne A. Sanchez-Vicario 6:0:6:2
1995 Paris A. Sanchez-Vicario 7:5,4:6,6:0
1995 Wimbledon A. Sanchez-Vicario 4:6,6:1,7:5
1995 US Open M. Seles 7:6,0:6,6:3
1996 Paris A. Sanchez-Vicario 6:3,6:7,10:8
1996 Wimbledon A. Sanchez-Vicario 6:3,7:5
1996 US Open M. Seles 7:5,6:4
1999 Paris M. Hingis 4:6,7:5,6:2
Tournament Wins
1986 Amelia Island Hilton Head Indianapolis
  Berlin Mahwah Tokyo
  Zuerich Brighton  
1987 Boca Raton Key Biscayne Hilton Head
  Amelia Island Rome Berlin
  Paris Los Angeles Hamburg
  Zuerich New York  
1988 Melbourne San Antonio Key Biscayne
  Berlin Paris Wimbledon
  Hamburg Mahwah US Open
  Seoul (Olym.) Brighton Washington DC
1989 Melbourne Hilton Head San Diego
  Berlin Wimbledon Zuerich
  Mahwah US Open Brighton
  New York    
1990 Melbourne Tokyo San Diego
  Amelia Island Montreal Leipzig
  Zuerich Worcester Brighton
1991 San Antonio Hamburg Berlin
  Wimbledon Leipzig Zuerich
1992 Boca Raton Hamburg Berlin
  Wimbledon Leipzig Zuerich
  Brighton Philadelphia  
1993 Delray Beach Hilton Head Berlin
  Paris Wimbledon San Diego
  Toronto US Open Leipzig
  New York    
1994 Melbourne Tokyo Indian Wells
  Delray Beach Key Biscayne Berlin
  San Diego    
1995 Paris Indoors Delray Beach Key Biscayne
  US Open Philadlphia Wimbedon
1996 Indian Wells Key Biscayne New Yark
  Paris Wimbledon Berlin
  US Open New York  
1997 Strasbourg    
1998 New Haven Leipzig Philadelphia
1999 Paris    
Doubles Wins
Year Location Partner Opponents
1986 Indianapolis Sabatini Fernandez/White
  Berlin Sukova Navratilova/ Temesvari
  Pan Pacific Bunge Maleeva/Maleeva
  Zuerich Sabatini Mcneill/Moulton
  Brighton Sukova Scheuer-Larsen/Tanvier
1987 Amelia Island Sabatini Mandlikova/Turnbull
  Federation Cup Kohde-Kilsch Evert/Shriver
1988 Key Biscayne Sabatini Fernandez/Garrison
  Wimbledon Sabatini Neiland/Zvereva
1992 Hamburg Stubbs Bolleraf/Sanchez-Vicario
1993 Hamburg Stubbs Novotna/Neiland
Began playing Tennis: 1973

Turned Professional:  18.10.1982

First professional tournament: 1982 Porsche Grand Prix at Filderstadt, Germany

Plays: right handed, one handed backhand

Raquet: Head

Former Clubs: HTC Heidelberg, LTTC Rot-Weiss Berlin, BASF Ludwigshafen

Favorite Tournament: Wimbledon

Favorite Surface: Grass court

Former Coaches: Pavel Slozil (1986-1991), Heinz Guenthardt (1992-1999)


A few of the awards that Steffi has achieved over the years:

  • 1986 “Newcomer of the Year” COREL WTA TOUR
  • 1987-90 “Player of the year” COREL WTA TOUR
  • 1993-96 “Player of the year” COREL WTA TOUR
  • 1998 “Most interesting Player of the year” COREL WTA TOUR
  • 1999 “Prince of Asturias Award” one of the most important awards of Spain named after the apparent heir of Spain, Prince Felipe
  • 1999 “German Television Award”
  • 1999 “Athlete of the Century” for the category “female athlete in ballsports”
  • 1999 “Female Athlete of the Year” by German TV broadcaster ARD
  • 1999 “Female Sports Award of the last Decade” by ESPY, Las Vegas
  • 1999 “Olympic Medal of Honor” granted by Dr. Antonio Samaranch, President of the IOC,Lausanne
  • 2002 “Medal of Honor” decorated by the Prime Minister of the German Federal State Baden-Wuertemberg, Mr. Erwin Teufel
  • 2007 “German Media Prize” for authentic social commitment
Steffi was the second youngest player ranked in the the WTA Tour ranking 124th


First time in the top ten of the WTA Tour ranking

August 17th 1987:

Steffi become No 1 in the tennis world. She kept this place for 186 weeks until March 10, 1991.

This fabulous record could not been surpassed by any other player, man or woman, to this date.


In this year Steffi not only won the Grand Slam, she was also the champion of the Olympic Games. Therefore, her tremendous success was called the “Golden Slam”.

1987-1990 / 1993-1996

For 8 years, Steffi finished the season as number one.

Steffi became the highest-earning female athlete of all times

During her career she gained 22 Grand Slams, divided in seven titles at Wimbledon, five titles at the US Open and six French Open as well as four wins at the Australian Open. She is the only player who could win all four Grand Slam tournaments in 1988.  107 titles, inlcuding the Olympic Gold medal, are an impressive number. Only Martina Navratilova (167) and Chris Evert (157) are in front of Steffi in the overall ranking.