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Many of the girls from our Children for Tomorrow programs are distressed by experiences in their home country, being a refugee and may also be severely affected by the loss of close family members.  Upon arriving in Germany they face the additional challenges of a new language, new culture and a foreign education system.  Girls tend to have different needs from the boys, partly due to their cultural background, which is predominantly Muslim.  In this situation, the girls need a familiar and intimate environment where they can talk without inhibitions about their experiences, thoughts and insecurities.
Children for Tomorrow, as part of the after school program “CfT macht Klasse” in Hamburg has created a group for girls only. In this group, refugee girls have the opportunity to meet after school with peers and talk about their concerns and problems.  Additionally they can share ideas and find new friends in their unfamiliar surroundings.
The girls meet once a week after school. The content is implemented through a combination of theoretical input, practical and playful exercise and the use of leisure education.  This photo shows a craft project created by the girls, which was proposed by one Egyptian girl to make pyramids because it reminds her of her homeland.  The girls painted each side of the pyramid with designs that illustrate the different facets of their personalities.